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Whether you have already made the move or you are currently considering spending your retirement in sunnier climes, you will be pleased to know there are a variety of pension schemes operating in overseas jurisdictions to which you can transfer your existing pension fund if you wish to do so. While you may well be able to set your new pension scheme up in the same country as you are planning to reside, this is not necessarily your best option so enquire today and reach out to one of our experienced pension transfer specialists before deciding on any particular course of action. In the meantime, you can use the comparison form on our site to obtain further information on the options available to you.

There are a number of reasons you may wish to consider transferring your pension to an offshore jurisdiction, the most important of which we have listed below for your consideration:

  • Tax Rules - If you would like to make sure that your heirs do not have to pay unnecessary inheritance tax an overseas pension scheme is an excellent way to do so. After living overseas for a certain period of time, your overseas pension should not be subject to taxes from your home country but even before then, you can make significant savings by moving your fund to an offshore location.
  • Managing Foreign Exchange Risk - You might previously have thought that foreign exchange risk was something only large corporations needed to worry about but if you are planning to spend your retirement abroad, it is something you should consider as well. Holding all of your pension funds in your home currency may not be the best idea if you want to be assured of a certain level of income throughout your retirement. Which currencies you should use and what percentage of your funds to hold in each one is best decided after a full and frank consultation with a financial services industry professional.
  • Greater Flexibility - Having made a pension transfer to a scheme that meets the relevant guidelines and standards laid out by your home government, you will enjoy a greater choice of investment opportunities and will no longer be obliged to purchase an annuity unless you wish to do so. This is one of the biggest reasons that so many expats are interested in arranging an offshore pension transfer when they leave the United Kingdom or wherever they happen to live. The exact rules governing your transfer and what you can do with your funds will depend on your nationality and the country to which you are moving.

Let us help you compare your pension transfer options and choose a safe solution. It is important to ensure that your funds are safe and secure, which is why we recommend examining all your options in detail before making a final decision.