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Get to Know Monthly Savings

There are many benefits to living overseas as an expatriate, including low taxes, free accommodation and higher earnings. When combined, these elements can leave you with high levels of disposable income – but what should you do with this disposable income?

Saving for the future is the savvy way to ensure you reach your life goals and long term objectives. This could be as simple as buying your first home, planning your child's education or targeting an early retirement.

Monthly savings plans provide you with the much needed discipline to not only ensure you are saving on a regular basis, but also allow you to take advantage of higher returns than low interest bank accounts can offer you.

Things to consider when deciding on Monthly Savings solutions:

  • Returns
  • Tax efficiency
  • Currency
  • Portability
  • Access to savings
  • Timeframe of Savings

SaveSavvi allows Expats to compare at a glance the best Monthly Savings solutions available in their specific location, all of which are provided by major international institutions.

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