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Get to Know Fixed Interest Savings

Holding large sums of money in your bank account can see the value of that money depreciate over time due to inflation. Savvy expats who are looking for secure, trusted savings options often turn to Fixed Interest Savings to ensure a steady growth on returns over the medium to long term.

Whether you have accrued a lump sum of money through the discipline of saving, or you have received an end-of-year bonus from your employer, Fixed Interest Savings can help you grow your money into a larger pot by offering the potential for higher rates of return than bank deposit accounts.

Benefits of Fixed Interest Savings:

  • Targeted returns
  • Tax efficiency
  • Flexibility
  • Control

Things to consider when deciding on Fixed Interest Savings solutions:

  • Currency
  • Portability
  • Access to savings
  • Timeframe of savings

SaveSavvi allows Expats to compare at a glance the best Fixed Interest Savings solutions available in their specific location, all of which are provided by major international institutions.

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