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About SaveSavvi


SaveSavvi is the World’s first Savings Comparison website. It was borne from the desire to ensure expats whilst living abroad are being savvy with their money, and saving for their future.

Focusing on the real needs of expats, SaveSavvi brings savings solutions to the international market, including Fixed Interest Savings to make your cash lump sums work harder for you; Monthly Savings solutions which allow you to plan your future with more discipline to meet your financial goals and needs; Life Insurance to protect your assets, your future and your loved ones; and UK Pension Transfer solutions that give you the ability to be in charge of your own retirement.

For expats who want to protect their future and ensure that they are financially stable in retirement, for expats that want to protect their children’s future, and for expats who want to leave behind a nest egg for their family, SaveSavvi can help you find the savings solutions you need.


As the World’s most visited Expat Savings comparison website, SaveSavvi is proud to support expats in over 100 countries around the world.

With offices in 6 of the world’s major expatriate hubs – Abu Dhabi, Bangkok, Dubai, Hong Kong, London and Singapore – SaveSavvi is well placed to provide the unrivalled customer-centric support that expats have come to expect from a global market leader.

SaveSavvi brings the first honest, professional savings aggregator to the expat market, allowing savvy savers to feel assured in their savings decisions.


Tried, tested and trusted, SaveSavvi has a customer satisfaction rating of over 96% and works alongside the largest institutions and advisory firms in the international market.

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